Renting an apartment: The Process

When to start

You should begin to plan your search and organize your paper work about 6-8 weeks before you expect to move. Typically, landlords and management companies will begin to accept applications a month in advance. But please note, apartments move fast. So if you see something you like, we would encourage to you decide sooner rather than later.

Conducting The Search

When you are comfortable with our advice, we will forward you a simple "Tenant Rep" agreement for you to sign. We will then conduct a search on your behalf, subject to your preferences and use our expert knowledge of the market to curate a list of apartments that best meet your needs, saving you time and stress.

Tenant Representative

Once we have an idea of what your ideal apartment is, we will provide you with a Tenant Representative Agreement for you to sign so we can get started! This grants us permission to conduct an apartment search on your behalf. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the market, we will curate a list of apartments that meets as many as, if not all, of your requirements subject to market availability. We will also take advantage of the relationships we have with local landlords that are amenable to renting to international students. There are thousands of apartments on the market at any given time and we will go through all of them for you and narrow it down to those that rent to international students and that meet your needs.

Accompanied Viewings

We will then setup appointments with all the selected apartments and send you all the details on the apartments and the dates and times of each viewing. But don't worry- you don’t have to do this alone! We will accompany you to each and every apartment and provide you with professional advice as needed.

Negotiating the offer

Negotiating the offer can be a challenging process, but lucky for you we are pros at this! We will negotiate the offer on your behalf and give you a plain English understanding and guidance on the terms of the offer and lease clauses. We are here to find you the best apartment at the best price. Landlords in New York typically look for financial guarantors and/or security deposits depending on the creditworthiness of the tenant. Keep in mind, there are some Landlords/ Management companies that are “friendlier” to students. There are also professional guarantor companies that work with international students for a fee. Once the offer is mutually agreed upon, the Landlord will then forward the lease agreement for your review, signature and fund requirements. Should you require an attorney’s assistance, we have a large professional network and can refer you to one.

Moving in

Prior to move-in we recommend that you personally inspect the apartment (and take pictures if needed) so that both you and the landlord are in agreement regarding the condition of the apartment upon move in. We recommend this because to help ensure that you receive your deposit back in full at the end of the tenancy, given no damage has been done to the apartment. Tenants are expected to leave the apartment in the same condition as when they moved in. Universtay can also recommend move-in services to help your move go more smoothly.

Universtay can also recommend moving-in services to help your move go more smoothly.

Apartment Requirements :

In order to find you the most suitable apartment, we need to gather information on what you are looking for. We need to know:

Name of the college you will be attending
Number of bedrooms
Lease duration
Move-in date
Desired building amenities
Doorman building, elevator, walk-up, etc.
Any other requirements you have such as proximity to arts & culture, nightlife etc

We will advise on safe neighborhoods with good transport links to your college as well as other parts of New York.